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Learn About Dozens of Edible and Medicinal Plants

I want to make WildUtahEdibles even better. There are so many plants I have not had time to create pages for. I have thousands of pictures and would love to take the time to make this the best resource for edibles on the web. I know I can do that with your help. I just need the time to do this. I have had support from several of you and hope that we can get the word out enough to make this happen.

Donations of $15 are for one person to go on a live tour in Utah to Salt Lake Counties.

Donations of $20 are for one person to go on a live tour outside Utah & Salt Lake Counties.
If you would like to add the eBook to any order just add $10 to any donation.
*For multiple people simply increase the donation amount and then please email me after you make a donation so I know what date and location you desire. Mike@wildutahedibles.com

Please donate and then share this page on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and anywhere you can. Everybody who pledges any amount will receive a PDF with information compiled for the site. This PDF will later be available for sale on the site. 

***I will begin the update on this site September 12th 2015***

Boletus edulis (High Uintas)
Fritillaria pudica (Lake Mountain, west of Utah lake)
Lomatium macrocarpum (West Utah desert, Utah county)

I will leave this donation form up for a few weeks to see what amount of interest there is and then I will plan accordingly and post a donation button on this page. I'll keep you all posted through email. If you have not already signed up for my newsletter please do so as that is the list I use when making major announcements.