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I want to make WildUtahEdibles even better. There are so many plants I have not had time to create pages for. I have thousands of pictures and would love to take the time to make this the best resource for edibles on the web. I know I can do that with your help. I just need the time to do this. I have had support from several of you and hope that we can get the word out enough to make this happen.

Please submit your information below and then share this page on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and anywhere you can. Everybody who pledges any amount will receive a PDF with information compiled for the site. This PDF will later be available for sale on the site.

Donations of $25 or more will get the PDF as well as a live tour to identify and gather wild edibles and medicinals in Utah.
Boletus edulis
Fritillaria pudica (Yellow Bell, Johnny Jump Up)
Lomatium macrocarpum

I will leave this donation form up for a few weeks to see what amount of interest there is and then I will plan accordingly and post a donation button on this page. I'll keep you all posted through email. If you have not already signed up for my newsletter please do so as that is the list I use when making major announcements.