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Wild Edible Greens
Nature is full of edible greens that are not only tasty but good for you. many of the edible wild greens that I talk about on this site were actually brought to this country as a vegetable originally or have evolved from such plants. Two of my favorites are Lamb's Quarter which has a very good spinach like taste both raw and cooked and Blue Mustard which has a little bit of a sharp flavor to it that is reminiscent of radish. These are two "weeds" that I love to add to my salads or even to just enjoy when out.
Remember that survival is not about gear or "stuff" but survival is about what you know and how you apply it.  Knowing what you can eat in the wild is often more valuable than any survival kit. Not that such survival gear is bad. It's just nice to add a salad for dinner!
Some common edible wild greens

Blue Mustard

Lamb's Quarters (wild spinach)
Every time I find a new discovery with this hobby I get excited again. This happened for me recently when I purchase a book by John Kallas about wild edible plants. He has a writing style that I love and though I have not finished the book yet (just got it yesterday) It is already better than anything I have read on the topic!

His images are professional and clear and he offers not only details about what is edible but descriptions about the "life history/cycle" of the plant so you know when you can eat it, how you can eat it and what it looks like at each stage. His book is absolutely fantastic! I have it listed on my Edible Wild Plant Books page if you are looking. This is one book I will always keep in my library. Thank you John Kallas!