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This page will be dedicated to sites I feel have valuable information for you. I will list them with the best relevant titles possible. If you feel there should be something added to the list please let me know and I will look into it.
I will try to list some good resources and hope that they stick around. One of the things I found frustrating when I started my research to find edible plants is haw few resources there were out there. I am hoping to put together a good complete list of information to give you details in both the written word and pictures about the different plants that are out there. Please let me know if there is something you want pictures of or information on.

One of my favorite experts:
I recently found a new site (new to me) and want to list it here. Is a great resource for Survival information. Thank you Robert Munilla.
Here is another great site with details on Wild edibles throughout the country:
It does not have images and details on identification or preparation for all of the items but it does give a pretty good list to start your research if you are looking for information on wild edibles.

This site has some good general plant information. Some of these plants have edible or medicinal parts.
I recently came across this site and also like the material available. Kevin does a fantastic job presenting information with his site and videos. Thanks for the great info Kevin!
Making herbal teas:
Here is another site I came across that I found valuable. There are many books available here including three volumes for flora of the northern US: