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Be Prepared! Come Learn About Wild Edibles and Never go Hungry Again!
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Well ok, perhaps it will not guarantee you will never go hungry but I will certainly teach you enough to enjoy a snack while on a hike or you might even learn enough to supplement your diet with wild food.
Sign up to be alerted about future herb walks and wild edibles tours. You cannot pay for these tours since the federal government has seen fit to threaten me for sharing my knowledge for a fee on "federal" lands. make a full payment here or on person with cash. If extensive travel is required for me to reach the location, payment is needed ahead of time to guarantee the tour.

Herb Walks Details
All wild edibles walks will be posted on my Facebook Events page. You can access the latest information here: https://www.facebook.com/wildutahedibles/events
Learn about wild edibles and medicinal plants on these walks. Most classes will have 10-15 people.
 Dates may be changed but I will not change them once spaces are filled or we are close to the date.
Scheduled tour dates and times:

Check my calendar for event times. https://teamup.com/ksz3qtx4exu29oe5q6
The more interest there is, the less likely I'll cancel a class. I've spent hundreds of hours learning these plants and love to share them but cannot afford to do so at the detriment of my family. Weekends are precious and I know most of you want to do a weekend hike or tour but those days are precious to me and my family as well and I simply can't give them all away. If possible, let me know when you can do a week day tour and I'll do my best to accommodate you.
Note:  All of my classes will take 2-3 hours and it is a good idea to bring some snacks and water. I do not recommend bringing young children to these classes. We will find some wild food but water will usually be scarce. I will show multiple survival skills and techniques on each class beyond just finding edible plants. 

Some of my favorite things to show include:
  • Identification of many plants
  • Creating cordage from plants
  • Alternative fire starting methods
  • Product demonstrations

I have had many requests over the years to do tours and give instruction on wild edibles. I love sharing the knowledge I have gained. My knowledge comes from personal research and lots of time in the field. This is the best way to learn about wild edibles. I am willing to share the knowledge I have gained and my experience with all who are interested. If you are interested in learning about wild edibles in Utah this is your chance! 
The basic desert tour will include a walk in the Utah county desert where you will learn how to identify several wild edibles available in this environment. This class consists of approximately 2 hours of teaching starting with an introduction to the edibles in the area and tasting samples of each. Once we discuss some of the plants and identifying characteristics we will proceed out to find them in their natural habitat.
 Mountain tour and harvest 

The mountain tour and harvest will take place in a mountainous region in Utah. I am willing to travel to multiple locations if you can organize a group. The mountain harvest will generally take place starting in spring and then with a few dates in summer and fall.

I would encourage you to participate in both a desert class and a mountain/harvest class. The classes will generally occur on different dates although there may be a chance to do both in one entire day. The fall harvest is one of my favorites because there are many berries available in our mountains. 
Some foods harvested:
Burdock root (all year)
Dock greens (all year)
Grass seeds (Summer/fall)
Prickly pear (Summer/fall)
Trout lily (spring)
King bolete mushrooms (Boletus edulis) (all year)
Serviceberries (Summer/fall)
Creeping Oregon grape (Summer/fall)
Blue elderberries (Summer/fall)
Black cherries or chokecherries (Summer/fall)
Thimbleberries (Summer/fall)
Gooseberries (Summer/fall)
I was contacted by a forest ranger on day a few years back when i had a tour scheduled for the next day in Logan canyon. He informed me that I could not legally charge for such a thing on (the kings') federal land so I had to change it to a "free" tour and hope people would be kind enough to donate which they did!
So, I'm happy to teach what I know and take you out to see these plants but to avoid upsetting those who feel they are in power my tours on federal land are "free". (Donations are encouraged though not to be seen as payment for a service rendered but simply as a gift you give freely. )

I will determine whether or not to do a tour based on the level and quality of interest. If I have enough individuals truly interested in getting out and learning then I will schedule the tours. I will update my Facebook page more often than the website so please check there often.


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Author next to nettles in Orem, Utah

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We have successfully completed several tours and workshops including elderberry harvest and chokecherry harvest in American Fork Canyon. If you want to suggest a topic or plant for harvest or workshop please email me. If you are interested in participating in a local workshop sign up for my workshop & tours newsletter below. mike@wildutahedibles.com

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I would suggest you bring your camera and some water and something to take notes if you like.

Future workshops will include specific details on one or two plants including how to prepare and eat them.
A note about rules and laws and freedom:
I've found that government all too often does more harm than good. If a corrupt man gains any power he will exercise that power unjustly. Our constitution recognized our freedoms given by God. The more we learn and understand that constitution the more free we will be. 
I encourage all of you to learn more about your government: