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  We have had a lot of wildfires in Utah this year. Dry weather along with human foolishness and some lightning has made for a dangerous summer. Most recent at the time of this post was the Pinyon fire in Utah county. While this can be devastating and dangerous it also has another side to it. Many plants depend on the fire for regrowth. Others will receive damage including completely destroying many trees and bushes. As we all know however, life is renewed and many plants will come back in the place of those that have been burned.
Tanker going to reload for water to dump on the fire in Utah county
Fire dangerously close to homes in Eagle Mountain.
Mountain Man Rendzvous (for more details go to
Nov12-Nov14 2010 : Trammel's Trace Rendezvous
Big Cypress Bayou, Jefferson, TX
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Nov26-Nov28 2010 : No Name City Thanksgiving Rendezvous
Middlefaire Grounds, Hillsboro, TX
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Plant identification

Title: Winter Plant & Tree Identification (More details)
When: 04 Dec 2010 - 04 Dec 2010 12:00 PM - 14:00 PM
Where: Sligo Park - Takoma Park
Category:Partnered Event