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Wild Spinach (Chenopodium album)
Wild Spinach, also known as Goose Foot and Lamb's Quarters is one of the most nutritious plants available in the Utah Environment. It is actually more nutritious than the stuff we cultivate and buy in the store. I was weeding my garden today and noticed I had several of these little guys growing and knowing how good they are I was thrilled.

Wild Spinach (lamb's Quarters) Utah desert, May2011

Wild spinach and onions recipe

I recently created a nice little dish with this plant that is a quick one to cook. Gather several leaves of wild spinach or "lamb's quarters" if you want to call it that. Perhaps if it is young then you can get some of the soft new stocks as well. Gather some onions, wild or otherwise, some garlic to add if you like and then some seasoning. Try salt and clasping pepper weed.
Saute the onions and garlic in olive oil or butter depending on your health preferences and once they start to brown add the spinach. now season with salt, pepper and I like to add a little chili powder and continue to cook until the leaves begin to start wilting slightly and change color to a little darker green. Remove from heat and serve!
Keep in mind that greens will shrink quite a bit when cooking so gather as much as needed for the number of people you plan on serving.