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Wild Edible Plant eBook Details
I have been working on an ebook that will be made available here when finished. This book started with about 50 plants identified and images and details added. It grew to over 126 by early September 2015 and still growing. I may need to cut it off somewhere for the first version but I will continue working to add as much as I can to the book. I welcome any insights or suggestions for what to add to the book. Below are my primary plans thus far.

If you would like to suggest additional info please email me at Mike@wildutahedibles.com
Plant photos

My book will include clear photos of all plants so it will be easy to know what they look like and identify them.
Detailed info

Each plant profile will include the scientific name as well as common names of plants. I will also include additional helpful resources for recipes or plant use and other details so each plant can be investigated beyond my information.

I will include the general details of where the plants will be found whether that be in your yard, in the valleys, mountains or deserts. 
I may also include more specific information about local areas where the plants can be found for harvest.

I will also offer any warning information about plants when known and will include several poisonous plants to be aware of. These will also have clear images and details as the other plants do.