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Chokecherries, a Great Edible When Ripe

Chokecherries are a great edible berry, or are they a cherry? As the name suggests they are a cherry and they do have a pit in the center like the larger cherries but they are small like a berry so you might think of them that way when you see them. Chokecherries will show a pretty red color when they are not yet ripe and turn to a deep black when they are ripe. Depending on what you intend to do with them they are good both when ripe and when red. If you want to make Chokecherry jelly you should use both ripe and unripe cherries because the cherries that are less ripe will offer some natural pectin and help with making the jelly.

Here are some images to help you identify this edible.

semi-ripe red chokecherries
semi-ripe chokecherries

Ripe black Chokcherries
Ripe black Chokcherries
Bag of ripe chokecherries
About 2 gallons of ripe chokecherries