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Oh The Joys of Foraging!

I decided to take a trip up the canyon last week with a friend from work. We have had some cold nights and I wanted to see what the berries and foods looked like up there after the freeze. As expected, the Elderberries were drying on the vine and they don’t taste near as good as those dried in a dehydrator. 🙂 The Mountain ash was a little sweeter if you can call it that. The first taste is almost a sharp sweet flavor followed by that horrible bitter flavor that is Mountain ash. that was lots of fun tasting that one again. I hear lots of sugar makes it taste all right. I guess lots of sugar can do that for about anything.

While on this trip we came across a sharp rock in the road that proved fatal to my driver side front tire. Be careful when out there looking for these wild edibles. I have driven that road many times but this time I was able to find the rock I was not looking for.

Flat tire while foragingChanging the flatWhat a pain to get that jack out but all worked out fine and I found a new place to get cheap tires. Victors Tire in Lehi had some great tires with good tread at a very low price so I was happy when it all worked out.

If you have ever had a similar situation, tell us about it through the Leave a Reply link above.