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Make Flu Fighting Elderberry Syrup With Just Two Ingredients

How are you doing this flu season? My family has been well so far but then we have a little secret. Not all of them are as strict with it as I am but I try to make sure we all have a dose of Elderberry syrup every day. My son does not like the syrup so he takes dried crushed berries in a capsule. For the rest of us it’s the sweet taste of elderberry syrup that gets us through.

I posted about this earlier this year on my FB page but decided to put it on the blog as well. I really feel that this has kept us healthy this year and I also believe that if you keep a good stream of healthy coming into your body you will be able to enjoy good health and heal faster if you do get sick. I recommend creating your own but if you want you can buy Sambucol as well.

This simple recipe requires only
Honey -1 cup (raw if possible)
Elderberries -1 cup
Water -2 cups
Cinnamon if desired -tsp or just cook with a sick in it.
Ginger (preferably fresh)-2 Tbs if fresh. Less if not. (I left this out)

I like to cook and I”m enjoying learning more about herbs and wild remedies but I have to say I do not always follow a recipe or use exact amounts. When I did this most recently I made a much bigger batch that gave me 4 pints of syrup. Enough to give some away and still have a supply for the rest of the season for us.

Making the syrup:
Put berries, water and spices in a pot and bring to a boil. Simmer until approximately half the water is gone and then strain the berries out.
I like to mask them up once they start cooking.
Let cool and then add the honey.
Mix, poor into bottles and refrigerate.
Take 1 tsp to 1 Tsp a day. Double if you get sick.
Even children can take it and they may like it.
In my opinion this is far better than a flu shot. It’s effective against all stains of the flu and not just a few known stains.
I sometimes add some other ingredients like other berries I have harvested but the bulk is always elderberry. You can buy it online or buy the berries dried online if you have not harvested some yourself.