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Elderberry Harvest Update

Wow! So many edibles and so little time. Our Elderberry harvest went well on Saturday. We saw many other plants and collected a lot of elderberries and chokecherries. There is such an abundance up there and it was just a beautiful area to collect. I noticed many other stands of elderberry as we drove up and as we came back down. There are also many other delicious berries available up there.

Here are some pics from this last harvest.

Blue Elderberry Tree


Unripe and ripe chokecherries
Unripe and ripe chokecherries

We harvested a lot of berries last week and one of the group made me some chokecherry syrup and elderberry jam. Thanks Angelica! Here is a link to some good info about using chokecherries: Unripe and ripe chokecherries:





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