Foraging Edible Plants

Foraging Edible Plants

Foraging Edible Plants is a great way to connect with nature and learn about the world around you. It is also a great opportunity to add nutrition to your daily diet. I’ve learned much over the years as I’ve been foraging edible plants. As I’ve studied these plants I’ve come to recognize that there is more value than just food. Many of them have medicinal value as well as edible parts and many are valuable more exclusively for medicinal purposes. This has enhanced my desire to forage for edible plants and learn all I can about how they can benefit us.

Silver Buffaloberry is high in vitamin C and other antioxidants.

Foraging is an art that should not be lost to time. I think it is important that we learn how to cultivate those plants that will benefit us and learn all we can about their identity in the wild. This will allow us to put them to use in our lives in a beneficial way. Foraging wild edible plants gives us more ability to find these useful plants. If we are limited on garden space on our own property then we can simply take a hike and enjoy a little tree therapy. The plants will often grow better in the wild than they might in our garden space and we don’t have to put the time into weeding them and working the ground. We simply need to learn how to identify them and where they grow.

When I set out to write a book on the topic I wanted to provide a resource with detailed color photographs. I feel that it is important to have the color photos of each plant for easy identification. I’ve also attempted to show the plants in different stages of life. Knowing the plant from different stages of its life cycle will help you identify them in the wild. You will not always be able to see the plant when ready to harvest. Understanding what the plant looks like at all stages of life will give you an edge when foraging edible plants.

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