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Mullein Asthma Health Benefits

Mullein is a very common plant in Utah and the western States. It is not a plant that I would classify as an edible but it does have some beneficial uses. I have read a lot about it being valuable for breathing problems including asthma. My beautiful little girl suffers from breathing issues often and we are thinking it may be asthma. I have been researching more about herbal and natural remedies for asthma and two that I have found that I can make myself is Lobelia and Mullein. Lobelia is a hard one for us to get to grow at our house but if I just want to make a tincture I don’t have to keep it growing do I? I can just cut it and save for later.

mullein for asthma

There are many herbal remedies and helpful plants for breathing problems.

Mullein is something I can find easily close to home and in fact I found a picture I took with my precious daughter right next to this helpful plant. Little did I know at the time that it may be the very thing that can help her get a good night’s sleep. I’ll be trying this out carefully to see how I can help her. I don’t think I need to worry about complications honestly because I can hardly get her to take infusions or anything remotely resembling medicine.

This is one plant that is worth further research. there are many more like it and I encourage you to research what you are learning about. Do you have any other tips for mullein or other plants that are not necessarily edible but useful? Please post below.

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  1. I have used Mullein Flower Oil (just a simple infused Olive Oil using the yellow flowers) as a remedy to help with ear infections/ear soreness. I read recently too that the Flower Oil could be used for lymph congestion (perhaps by using in the ear, and also as a massage oil for lymph areas), which I imagine is related to/can cause chronic ear infections/wax build up/soreness. Also, Mullein as a tincture or tea of the leaf and root, is good for the whole lymph system, so any condition stemming from lymph issues or swollen nodes on the neck/armpit would benefit from this plant. I haven’t tried taking Mullein regularly but intend to do so, having just made a tincture of the whole plant (a nice sized rosette of the leaves and root). I’m also interested in feeling out Mullein’s more “energetic” medicinal quality of helping with any spinal/misalignment/back and neck kink situations – the straight stalk of the Mullein is said to resemble a spine, and many herbalists whose articles I’ve read have commented that their experience using the herb for such issues has been pretty helpful.

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