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Silver Group Buy Option

I have purchased silver now and then to hold as an investment and have even used it here and there to pay for different services. I have set up an account with regency mint to buy at wholesale prices. It’s not as low as I’d like but it’s better than any retail options available out there. With silver prices plummeting lately I thought it would be a good idea to get the word out a bit more about the option.

Check the spot price for Silver:

If any of you are interested in picking up some silver we can organize a group buy to get some for everyone. I generally buy in lots of 20 ounces and have a couple people who buy with me in similar lots but I’m willing to pass on savings to others who want less. My price is $2.15 over spot price.

I generally just buy the gold panner since that is not mimicking the real currency. I can get circulated or government issued coins as well as rounds but the premium is higher. A government  minted American Eagle for example is $4.15 over spot. Let me know if  you are interested.

Here are what the silver rounds look like:

Silver-Bullion-1-oz-Morgan-IRA-Approved Silver-Bullion-1-oz-Walking-Liberty-IRA-Approved Silver-Bullion-1-oz-Buffalo-Indian-IRA-Approved Silver-Bullion-1-oz-Divisible

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