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Utah Wild Edibles Tours

I’ve had a lot of interest in sharing my experience with wild edibles and so have started doing more tours. I will continue to add content on the blog, site and youtube for the tours and information. I am thrilled there is so much interest and I think this is valuable knowledge. I wanted to share a little bit about some of our recent finds with the edibles tours in the desert west of Utah Lake. One of the recent things that I have been sharing is the grass seed that is available. One of our most important sources of plant food is grains or cereals. The seeds of the plant are the most valuable food resource for us. This is a huge important item for us to recognize and forage. Evan near town we often see fields full of wild wheat, jointed goatgrass or wild barley as well as many other grasses that have edible seeds.

Wild Edible Grass Seed, Winter Wheat
Wild grasses including winter wheat on the edge of town in Orem, Utah. I also saw two sandhill cranes and a deer near the tree in the background.

Anytime you get near where man has farmed you will find wild grains that have blown and have been deposited. These grasses can provide more sustenance for you than you might think. Tatia Nelson pointed out this past week on our tour the importance of eating the seed sprouted. I have done sprouted wheat and other sprouts over the years and know that this process of sprouting the seed does increase the nutritional value sometimes as much as 100 times. Many of the grass seeds you will find with wild grasses are small and sprouting the seed may be one of the best ways to get nutrition from the seed.

Here are some images of the wild winter wheat we found on our most recent tours.

wild winter wheat in Utah Wild Grasses in Utah
There is more food available in the above desert scene than one might think at first glance.

wild winter wheat SAMSUNG

6 thoughts on “Utah Wild Edibles Tours

  1. Hi, I am very interesting in any wild edible tours. I live in SLC.
    There are a few of us interested.

    1. I’m thrilled to hear about the excitement for learning these skills. I have struggled with finding the time to fit in the workshops for people but I am planning on getting more done this month. We are going to be harvesting some Elderberry on the 24tha dn 31st of August so that will be the next workshop we will do. It will be very focused but I am sure we will identify other edibles while out there. More information will be posted soon.

  2. I live in Utah valley and I have a lot of this grain growing wild near my house. Any idea which one it is

    1. Most likely this is a wild wheat. There have been many areas of farms that have been built out to homes and cities. I see fields of wild wheat out here in Eagle Mountain all the time.

  3. I want to go on a tour very soon please…I don’t drive and I’ve been looking for knowledgeable groups that could help me get out collecting..I’m interested in elderberry, choke cherry, Hawthorne berries…I have found a railway site with gogii berries that I just picked today near my apartment!
    How can I get in on this opportunity before the berry season is over????
    Jules Davis

    1. I haven’t been doing much this year due to my vipersharp. If you are on the newsletter you will receive updates when I do plan anything.

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