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Mullein (Verbascum thapsus)
Mullein is a very beneficial plant. While it is not strictly an edible it does have many other uses. I have read or heard stories of this plant being used for help with breathing problems, being used as toilet paper, for hemorrhoids and even to stun fish. There is definitely more to this plant than most realize. There is a lot of information about this being one of the best herbs for treating asthma and similar bronchial and breathing issues.
My daughter has suffered from breathing ailments that have been very concerning to us as parents and so I have searched for plants to help her. She has spent time in the hospital due to pneumonia that started from her allergy induced asthma. This is something she suffers from each year. This year we decided to start using Mullein to treat her and found it very successful. We gathered a lot of the leaves in the fall and have them dried at home. We steam a leaf in a pot of water, sometimes adding other herbs such as Mint, Oregon grape root and Osha (Bear root). We have seen incredible results from it. We have her breath the steam before bed and in the morning and especially when she starts to cough. The cough stops almost immediately after she breaths the steam. I feel that this is a great herb for treating asthma.
Here are a few pictures to help you identify this plant.

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Mullein leaves
Young Mullein plant
This is one plant that I will have to research more and I'll update this page with more details but for now I suggest you further research it, especially in connection with asthma or breathing assistance herbs.