American Fork Canyon Edible and Medicinal Herb Tour


Plan for 2 hours or so for each tour. You will learn the identity of many plants on each tour. There will generally be just a little walking since there is so much to see in a small area. It will not be a strenuous hike. This tour is also wheel chair accessible.

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Come learn to identify the many useful and edible plants available in the mountains os Utah. American Fork canyon is a great place to learn a wide variety of plants that are found throughout the Utah  mountains. Every single plant has value to help the body heal and thrive. Most of the plants we will see are edible as well. While there are thousands of plants in Utah, I won’t overwhelm you with trying to learn all of them! But we will identify many useful plants.

As always, you will learn the identity, edibility and usefulness of dozens of plants on this tour. You may also see some to stay clear of. Be sure to bring your phone for pictures and notes and if desired a notebook.

This tour is currently set up for multiple payment options. Pay what you feel the tours is worth and come learn and enjoy the experience!

Cash tips are also welcome but prepayment is necessary to hold a spot for this tour.

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