Arrowleaf Balsamroot (Balsamorhiza sagittata)

Other common names (Oregon sunflower,Where you usually find it
It will grow in the wild through Nevada, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and even up into Canada. You will often see this plant in Mountain Meadows and covering open Mountain areas.



Arrowleaf balsamroot root is in the sunflower family. It is fairly common in dry areas of the western United States. The bright yellow flowers are actually florets or inflorescences being composed of numerous tiny flowers. The leaves are generally fuzzy and can grow from 9 to 20 in long. The name of the plant comes from the arrow-shaped leaves. The entire plant has had good potential for Native Americans and much of it can be eaten. You can bake the roots and stems and the young shoots.

The seeds can be eaten as with any sunflower plant. The immature flower stems can be peeled and eaten. The route can be used as a coffee substitute as well. root does have medicinal value. I have not used it yet for this purpose but it sounds like one that I will add to my Apothecary. For more detailed information about medicinal value see this website.
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