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Dune Evening Primrose is quite prevalent in the Utah desert, at least in my area. If there is one thing I have learned it is how different land can be in each state. Utah has a very diverse wilderness with many different ecosystems. If you have seen this plant and wondered what it is I hope this page will help.
Primrose oil has a lot of health benefits and the wild dune evening primrose is no different. The entire plant is edible and the roots and leaves make a good additive to tea. I have had the tea quite a few times and have read about it’s benefits. I’ll get more information and details later but for now I wanted to give some examples of the plant. I have seen this plant in early spring with almost entirely red leaves. I came back to the same plant a month or so later and found it green. The flower is pink to white and “unrolls” from a cone shape to an open flower.


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