January Retreat – Indoor/Outdoor Foraging

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This retreat will be 3 1/2 days and 3 nights spent learning about foraging and using wild edibles. We will spend some outdoor time foraging items that can be found in the winter and will discuss much more about the medicinal and edible side of wild plants. We will also go over some other valuable knowledge including helping you set a thriving mindset now so you are ready to survive any situation life may throw at you.

This retreat will be held in an Air BNB home in Utah (Exact location will be revealed a week prior to the date). Full details will be sent 2 weeks prior to the date of the retreat. The scheduled days for the retreat are January 12-15 (Thursday through Sunday). Most likely the accommodations will be a shared room with each attendee having their own bed. If you are interested in booking a private room or a master bedroom for you and a spouse, let me know and arrangements can be made.

Day One 

Arrival and Sourdough bread intro
-Search the wild for yeast and bring it back to get our starter started (I’ll have previously harvested options as well)
-Discuss the power of intention with our food and water
-Start a new starter testing different wild yeast options
-Discuss Slideshow of Edibles and review benefits and ID of plants
-Create a healthy dinner together
-Begin making bread for the next day
-Review information about wild edible and medicinal plants
-Discuss Mindset and manifesting, meditation, intention
Day Two
Elderberry syrup and tincture / Bread making
-Learn elderberry identification (possibly look for some that may still be available but I will have plenty frozen as well)
-Make syrup
-Make tincture
-Bake bread
-Order or create lunch
-Check on sourdough and review experiments
-Fermenting foods class
   -Taste some fermented foods
   -Create cucumber pickles
   -Create fermented carrots
   -Create Sauerkraut
-Create a healthy dinner
-Review more information about wild edible and medicinal plants
-Discuss Mindset and manifesting, meditation
Day Three
Make Kombucha and Learn Fire Starting Techniques/Options
-Breakfast for those who want it
-Discuss and demonstrate Kombucha
-Review different feeding and flavoring options
-Foraging and review of wild edibles
-Fire starting instruction and demonstration
-Create a healthy dinner
-Review more information about wild edible and medicinal plants
-Discuss Mindset and manifesting, meditation
Day Four
Final day
-Clean up, prepare to leave
-Follow up on sourdough and take start
-Review any wild edibles questions
-Prepare and take Kombucha start
-Gather and take fire starting materials
-Gather and take cordage making materials
Other possible activities
Watch a mindset movie or two and discuss it. The power of the mind is greater than we know. This is where survival starts and learning a few skills to help you handle all that life can throw at you is crucial to thriving in life.
Teach natural fiber cord making (Identify plants that can be used).
Create a digging stick.

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2 reviews for January Retreat – Indoor/Outdoor Foraging

  1. Karen Welch (verified owner)

    I got the retreat for my husband as a 🎁gift and I am grateful I did! He absolutely LOVED it and is in the kitchen right now prepping to make things be learned about. He’s determined to keep the skills 🔥up he learned at the retreat and to pass the information on to our kids and grandkids. Thank you, Mike, for such an incredible experience and wonderful knowledge. 🥖🥕 🥒 My husband had a blast!

  2. Jason

    Mike is a great teacher and a very positive individual. I learned a lot about local wild edibles, how to collect wild yeast, making sour dough, fire starting, cordage, fermentation and “surthirval”.

    Mike is a great guy and the retreat was well worth the time and cost.

    Thanks Mike! I‘m looking forward to the summer retreat!

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