Nature’s Garden -Samuel Thayer


A Guide to Identifying, Harvesting, and Preparing Wild Edible Plants



Sam’s second book does not disappoint. More great information on other plants that are not included in his other books. This is another fantastic read and library of incredible information. If you truly want to learn about wild edible plants you really should have all his books in your library. He has spent his life with these plants and understands them like nobody else.

Nature’s Garden: A Guide to Identifying, Harvesting, and Preparing Wild Edible Plants.

Nature’s Garden follows the same award-winning format of Samuel Thayer’s first book, with in-depth chapters covering 41 new wild edibles. In this volume you will find the most authoritative accounts of several important food plants, such as hackberry and American lotus, available anywhere.

You will find mouth-watering photography of cranberries, blueberries, huckleberries, strawberries, wild plums, and more. You’ll hear of new methods for using dandelions. You’ll finally be able to make sense of the tricky wild lettuce/sow thistle group. You’ll discover that wild carrot and poison hemlock can be reliably told apart, thanks to a detailed chart accompanied by 19 photographs.

You’ll read about vegetables with a rich tradition of use around the world that are largely ignored in the wild food literature, such as cow parsnip, patience dock, and honewort. You can read more exciting myth-busting about poisonous plant fables and the maligned black nightshade, plus anecdotes about purple children and the hazards of eating cacti.

Yet perhaps the best part of all is the book within a book about acorns: 51 pages of the details that turn these nuts into food.

  • Sturdy Smythe Sewn Binding.
  • Detailed information on harvest, preparation, and storage techniques.
  • A foraging calendar showing harvest times for wild foods.
  • A glossary of botanical terms illustrated with line drawings.
  • Bibliography and recommended reading list.
  • Fully Indexed for convenience.Author – Samuel Thayer.
  • Binding – Paper – 6″x9″.
  • Pages – 512.Publisher – The Forager’s Harvest Press.
  • Year – 2010.ISBN – 9780976626619.
  • About the Author – Samuel Thayer – is a natty dresser, he first led nature walks at 19 and besides wild food foraging, Sam is an all-around naturalist with particular interest in reptiles, amphibians, bird watching, botany, and mammals. His passion for wild food extends to studying the origin of cultivated plants and the soci…


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