The Forager’s Harvest -Samuel Thayer


A Guide to Identifying, Harvesting, and Preparing Edible Wild Plants



This is one of my favorite authors for wild edibles. Sam does an amazing job showing you details that are needed but simply aren’t included in other books. He gives an incredible amount of data about harvesting and using the plants and have great images.

A guide to 32 of the best and most common edible wild plants in North America, with detailed information on how to identify them, where they are found, how and when they are harvested, which parts are used, how they are prepared, as well as their culinary use, ecology, conservation, and cultural history.

About the Author
Samuel Thayer is an internationally recognized authority on edible wild plants who has authored two award-winning books on the topic, Nature’s Garden and The Forager’s Harvest. He has taught foraging and field identification for more than two decades. Besides lecturing and writing, Samuel is an advocate for sustainable food systems who owns a diverse organic orchard and harvests wild rice, acorns, hickory nuts, maple syrup, and other wild products. He lives in rural northern Wisconsin with his wife and three children.


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