Wild Edibles Virtual Tour-Battle Creek Falls


Follow me on a tour of wild edible plants from your own home!

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Right now, this video will be available and sent after purchase to your gmail account. This will currently only work with a Gmail account until I figure out all the logistics of doing it in another way. I am also going to be setting up a patreon account where much additional content will be available. I appreciate all of your support.

Included in this order:

  • 81 minutes of a recorded tour with names and scientific names in video
  • Detailed PDF with additional data and images of all plants identified in the tour

This is the video version of the Battle Creek Falls wild edibles tour that was done live on location on May 28th, 2022. With the virtual tour you will be able to follow along as we walked the trail and identified the plants seen. You will be able to follow the discussion around them as well as see added notes about each plant which includes common names, scientific names and uses. There has been much added in editing that will offer more than was presented on the live tour.

This virtual tour will allow you to learn more about the plants we saw and discussed on that live wild edibles tour than what was possible when there in person. This format will also allow you to test your knowledge over and over. Many hours were spent editing and preparing this content so you will receive more than just the basic edible plant tour.

Wild Utah Edibles Plant Instruction

This tour was done in late May in 2022 during a drought year and after a low water winter. It is interesting to see the differences with plants between years and this was one where we saw what plants look like when struggling to survive. There is certainly a big difference in what is available, how they look, when they are available and in the overall health of each plant.

When I do an in person wild edibles tour, I focus mostly on the identification of the plant and there is not a lot of time for detailing the use and all the edibility details of the plant. That information is not always forefront in my mind. With the recorded version you will receive the view on the ground as thought you were there, as well as all the added information that was later researched and inserted to help you learn more about identifying and using the plant.

While no training is quite as good as the personal hands on where you learn with all the senses, this online virtual wild edibles tour will add much information to the details that were learned in person.

I hope you enjoy the tour and I thank you for your interest and business.

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