Yellow Dock (Rumex crispus)

Other common names (Curly dock, red dock, dock, curled dock)



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I recently used some for medicinal purposes to sooth some insect bites and they worked quite well and had the added benefit of a good flavor while making the poultice. Yes, I spit on my body. I’d rather use such a remedy than deal with the itching but if you think it is “gross” to spit on oneself, go ahead and suffer. What a great plant though. This plant offers nutritional benefits from the young stock to the leaves and even the seeds and has the added benefit as many wild plants do of medicinal purposes.I am quite happy to have it available.
Treatments for insect bites
I recently enjoyed a trip up to the high Uintas in northern Utah. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes enjoyed me while on the trip. I did not think about the remedies around me at the time and in fact did not know about one all over the ground while there (common plantain) but now that I am home and starting to feel the effects of the bites I decided to research it because I know there are remedies out in my back yard. I found a great bit of info from a site that talked about wild plants and mosquito bites and so I tried some. I knew of globe mallow and so tried some of that which I found out in my garden. I did not think about common mallow however and had forgotten about the benefits of yellow dock.
Since the bites woke me up at 3am I decided to test some out and see which worked. I applied a chewed poultice of common mallow (from my garden) to the bites on one side of my body and a poultice of yellow dock leaves (from my garden) to the other side of my body. Fortunately for you I have plenty of bites to test on. It seems that both plants worked as described. The itching has receded and I’ll be going back to bed now. I’m glad I have the plants in my back yard but a bit sad I did not bring home any of the common plantain that was so readily available around me on the trip to the Uintas.

Yellow dock in smoothies
I have recently used yellow dock to add to my smoothie as well. I  used some frozen strawberries, peaches and then some wild greens including yellow dock. Since yellow dock already has a bit of a citrus flavor I added lemonade and ended up with a delicious smoothie. Yellow dock is a good nutritious wild edible.

Where you usually find it

Yellow dock is a very good plant and one that grows all over the road sides here in Utah. I have seen it throughout the state near cities and roadways. It is called by a few names but I have read that all such plants are so closely related that it is hard to tell one from another. I happen to have some growing in my garden and have tasted of the leaves and they have quite a pleasant lemon flavor.






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