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Wild Utah Edibles -Not Just For Utah…

I started learning about wild edibles in 2010 when a good friend by the name of Scott Smith (One of the greatest men I’ve ever known) asked me to Take part in a youth group activity for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He needed somebody to talk about edible plants that the pioneers might have seen in their Trek West. I knew very little about the topic at the time but as I drove into this activity I was quickly hooked. I’ve always loved the outdoors and my dad did teach me about Watercress and wild asparagus while growing up and those were experiences that I truly treasure. Once I was able to start finding the information about the wild edibles I was seeing here in Utah I became excited. I was thrilled by the amount of food I found growing out in the desert where I live west of Utah Lake.

Since it was difficult for me to find through books and online research the information 2 clearly identify these plans I soon decided to make a website to show the plans and their identification. That was the birth of Wild Utah Edibles. Many years later, I am still very excited about the topic and love to learn all I can about the plants in the wild.

My focus has changed from Simply edible plants to anything useful and I especially enjoy learning about the medicinal properties of these great plants we have around us. I will continue to try and share this information about wild edible plants and the medicinal uses of these plants as I find that information. I tried to present the information in layman’s terms so those who are looking for the details but don’t have a botany or scientific background will be able to understand and find the identification.

I hope you enjoy the contents of this website and I hope it makes the outdoors more enjoyable for you. I certainly enjoy collecting the information and putting it together and hope to continue not only with this website but with more books to come.

If you find the information in this website helpful I greatly appreciate any donations you are willing to send my way. Every dollar helps me to continue building more content for you through this website and will allow me to keep the website free of advertising. Happy foraging to all of you.