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Did you know that 9.5 out of 10 Americans is not as healthy as they could be? I feel worst for that half a person. But seriously, we could all take a lesson from the lives of our ancestors. They often lived much healthier lives that we live. With all the conveniences we enjoy in life have come many down sides that most of us simply don’t recognize. The majority of us have some sort of health problem. We are fatigued, sick and just not doing all that we can do if we feel better.

So what can you do about it?

Well, one of the first steps is to learn skills that will improve your health. Did you know that most of our “Health” starts in our navel? It makes sense I guess, i you really think about it. Where did we get all our nutrients when we were growing in our mothers? Directly through the umbilical cord! Most of our problems start in our gut. If your gut is out of balance, your body is out of balance. Now there are many other issues that attribute to our health, not the least of which is our emotions and beliefs but that is another class entirely! This class is about making pickles.

Why pickles?

Because it is one of the most common fermented foods and fermented foods is one fo the best ways to improve your health. You see, probiotics are little tiny organisms that live inside fo each of us. They are healthy and strong if we feed them what they need and when we replenish them as we should. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of these little guys in pizza or soda pop or Cheetos… Yeah, we’ve kind of gotten off track from the healthy lifestyle. Those who lived before the industrial revolution had to preserve their food in order to eat in the winter. Life was a little different back then. Whether they knew it or not, those old time preservation methods, ie. fermentation, were very healthy and helpful for our bodies.

Come and learn how to make healthy, quality fermented pickles in your own home! You will not regret taking this class! There is so much that can be done with fermenting and this class will help you enter that world.

This class will be 2 hours in length.

*Limited to 10 participants per session.

*Email for next available date*

Class Details:

  • We will begin with some clarifying details and history about fermentation
  • We will discuss some of the many options of fermented foods
  • We will discuss the benefits of growing your own ferments
  • We will sample some of the fermented foods I have on hand
  • We will then go through the process of creating pickles for all participants
  • Bonus! Everybody who signs up gets a FREE apron!

Included in each class:

  • Cucumbers
  • Special fermenting jar for the pickles
  • Wild Utah Edibles Apron
  • Instructions and suggestions for use and detailed info printout
  • Knowledge! (the most valuable tool of all!)

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