Serviceberries (Amelanchier alnifolia)

Other common names (June berry, Saskatoon, Sarvice berry)

Where you usually find it:

Serviceberry is found in many of our mountains including on popular trails.



Edible Parts

The fruit of the serviceberry is a mealy version of the blueberry, or so it seems. These delicious blue berries look quite similar to the blueberry but they grow on trees that are often 20-30 feet tall. The berry is a sweet treat when out in the woods and they are great to collect and bring home for drying or to put in jams or pies.

My Notes

The leaves of the serviceberry are rounded at the back and serrated on the front half of the leaf. I often see them with yellow and orange spots and growths on the underside of the leaf. They offer a beautiful bloom that is seen in late spring and early summer. As one of their common names infers, they fruit in the heat of the summer from June through September, depending on the elevation.

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