Sourdough (And Gluten Free) Bread Making Course


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This series will be several classes to walk you through how to make your own sourdough bread just like your great grandmother did before the days of instant yeast. Did you know that there is far less value (if any) in dry, quick yeast than there is in natural sourdough yeast?

Did you know that making your own bread will enhance your health and can even help those with gluten sensitivities? Many people who cannot eat bread because of gluten intolerance and allergies can eat sourdough, especially if you use ancient grains.

Come and learn how to make your own start using either wild yeast from elderberry, Oregon grape, Juniper berries or other wild plants or from an existing start. Learn how to care for that start from the very beginning to advanced and learn all the different things you can do with it to make healthy bread recipes for your family.

This course will be a series of classes that will span several weeks. You will have the option of coming in person to each class or you can do it online if that is preferable for you for any reason. I would highly recommend being here in person if you can but if not, don’t worry. You will have access to all the same details and can review the recordings as often as you wish for life.

Each session will be 60-90 minutes (give or take).

Course Syllabus:

  • First Class -We will teach how to find natural yeast and how to begin with your start. You will learn what to do to care for a sourdough start, how to store it long term and the basics of how to use it. You will create your start and take it home to grow for a week before the next class.
  • Class Two -In this class, we will use the start that we began creating a week before. By this time there should be some great life in the start and so we will teach you how to use it to make bread, waffles and more! You will leave with a good amount of recipes to help you make the most of your sourdough. This class will begin the bread making process. We will also go through any questions and answers about the process.
  • Everybody who signs up gets a FREE apron!


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