Wild Spinach (Orache) (Atriplex hortensis)


Other common names (Goosefoot, lamb’s quarters, mountain spinach, pigweed) Orache is sometimes spelled without the “e” at the end.

Where you usually find it:

It is found in disturbed soils in garden areas and along road sides or vacant lots. Just about anywhere it is allowed to grow.

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Wild Spinach, also known as Goose Foot and Lamb’s Quarters is one of the most nutritious plants available in the Utah Environment. It is actually more nutritious than the stuff we cultivate and buy in the store. I was weeding my garden today and noticed I had several of these little guys growing and knowing how good they are I was thrilled. I transplanted them in a nice little row for future consumption.


Use anywhere and any way you would use spinach. I love this spinach fresh, in salads, on sandwiches and especially cooked! It will grow throughout the summer so it is a great plant to keep around. It will provide you food long after your baby spinach has bolted and gone to seed.


Sauteed Beet (or other) Green With Orache Spinach


As many greens as you want -Lots and lots of greens! (I used 2 cups packed) -Chop if desired

One Garlic Clove, Minced

Salt and pepper

Onion salt or a small onion chopped fine

Ghee -1-2 TBS (or olive, avocado oil)

This recipe is enough for two to 3 people to have a small side. The greens really shrink up a lot when cooked. Every time I make it, I wish I’d gathered more.

Heat Ghee on medium low heat until melted and hot. Add garlic and sauté until slightly cooked. Add greens and cover. Stir periodically until wilted and serve.

I have seeds of this plant available for purchase if desired. They will be shipped in an envelope and will include several seeds of the plant. Your donation is greatly appreciated.

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