Winter Survival Class -Idaho


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Have you ever wanted to get out and prove that you can live in the wilderness in winter? Do you have a desire to learn survival skills in the frigid cold and learn to adapt to the weather? This class will go for 5 days and will offer you the opportunity to test your skills, will and equipment against some harsh winter weather.

  • Learn how to build a fire with primitive and modern methods
  • Learn how to build a shelter that will provide protection and warmth
  • Learn to work together with others to survive in cold conditions
  • Learn to create a home in the wilderness
  • Learn to make a primitive stove and cook in the outdoors
  • Overcome fears and uncertainties that hold you back in life
  • All meals are provided for this adventure.

I’ve enjoyed multiple winter camping trips since I was a kid and have learned to thrive in the cold weather and enjoy my time and the wilderness. I can teach you how to enjoy the time as well so you can be more prepared for such conditions should they happen in life. Come and learn the skills you need to survive and thrive in a cold winter environment. Learn to use the resources you have at your disposal to thrive even in the cold.

This survival experience will happen in the mountains of Idaho.


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